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Priority 4 Families Support Group

Chromosome 4, Partial Trisomy Distal 4Q is an extremely rare chromosome disorder that is caused by a duplication of the distal (end) portion of the long arm (q) of the fourth chromosome. Characteristics of this disorder vary, it may include abnormally small head (microcephaly), malformations of the arms, legs, and head, fical area(craniofacial) and/or mental retardation.

Causes is usually a balanced translocation between two chromosomes of one of the parents. Some cases has been de novo (no apparent reason) and is not inherited.

Chromosome test is necessary to determine definite diagnosis.

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Contact Us

UNIQUE - Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group
P.O. Box 2189
Surrey, CR3-5GN
United Kingdom

Children's Craniofacial Association
P.O. Box 280297
Dallas, TX 75228
(972) 994-9902
(800) 535-3643

FACES: The National Craniofacial Association
P.O. Box 11082
Chattanooga, TN 37401
(423) 266-1632
(800) 332-2373

Congenital Heart Anomalies, Support, Education, & Resources
2112 North Wilkins Road
Swanton, OH 43558
(419) 825-5575